White Room

For customers requiring a higher level of cleanliness than our standard mould-shop, but without the higher cost of Clean Room moulding, we can offer our White Room. This room also houses our two-shot injection moulding machine.

Our White Room facilities provide the platform for cleanliness and handling products, for all injection moulding devices. This room is used for products that DO NOT require Clean Room facilities.

In addition to housing our two-shot injection moulding facility, the main objective of our White Room is to provide a controlled environment which meets our customers requirements for stringent manufacturing standards.

Our two-shot injection moulding machine in our White Room

Being part of Amies Plastics, we are used to supporting customers from design to validation for injection moulding. This is through initial manufacture and regulatory approval for the European and USA markets and on to full production, and managing the close attention to detail this calls for.