Design & Tooling

For medical customers we can offer assistance with material selection, including medical polymers. We can supply certificates of conformity for every run.

When it comes to tooling, we have established relationships and a record of success working with toolmakers specialising in components for drug delivery, drug abuse screening, point of care and related applications.

Our in-house CAD capabilities allow the translation and analysis of recognised files such as IGES and STP,  with the capability to output each customers design reviews to include snap shots of 3D images.

Amies innovation has the Moldflow software facility to simulate the fill characteristics of any component. This facility will identify any potential moulding issues before we commence tool manufacturing.


Amies Innovation have a fantastic range of specialist materials which are now available to our designers. Our team are very experienced and will assist in selecting the most suitable plastic to meet your requirements.


One of our major strengths is the ability and exceptional willingness to assist with the development of our customer’s products right through from concept to delivery.

As always, we take full responsibility for delivering tools and components on time and to specification.