Medical Device Injection Moulding

Amies Innovation is the sister company of W E Amies Ltd (Amies Plastics) and we focus exclusively on medical device injection moulding to ISO 13485 standards to satisfy the strict requirements of our medical technology customers. We make injection moulded components for use in non-invasive detection, measurement and monitoring tests.

Typical applications include parts and assemblies for point of care testing (POCT), screening for MRSA, drug abuse and monitoring blood coagulation for anticoagulant users. Full details on quality management and manufacturing facilities including our white room and clean room are just a click away.

In the Amies Plastics tradition our success is based on the same four simple principles:-

W.E. Amies & Co Ltd - Clean Room


For customers requiring intrinsically clean conditions, for example for components later to be sterilised.

W.E. Amies & Co Ltd - Medical Components


Amies Innovation Ltd focuses exclusively on the requirements of our medical technology customers.

W.E. Amies & Co Ltd - White Room


The white room is our clean, modern mouldshop, for customers requiring a higher standard of cleanliness