We offer our clients manufacture in 3 environments, standard, White Room or Clean Room.

Each environment is managed to EN13485:2016 and with detailed continuous monitoring using our InTouch Production Monitoring System.

We ensure all our injection moulding machinery is kept up to date so we can keep up with the ever changing technology. We are continually investing in the latest machinery to ensure our customers are receiving the best quality products.

Once a project has been commissioned, we work very closely with each client. We work with customers on a wide variety of projects, from low to high volume product orders.


We have an extensive range of Arburg machines (15-200 tonne), and we now have our first electric press, maintaining renowned expertise in the production of small, precision tolerance components.

Intouch Monitoring System


We monitor real-time production with our InTouch Production Monitoring System, which allows each press to be remotely monitored for performance and efficiency.


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