Amies policy of continuous investment in the replacement and upgrade of plant and key equipment, to not only maintain but improve our technical capabilities, has been the cornerstone of our success.

Our latest acquisition is a new Mitutoyo Quick vision APEX 302 PRO TP visual measuring machine, replacing an existing Mitutoyo Quick vision unit which has provided excellent service over the last number of years. The Apex is a very flexible machine, capable of manual or CNC operation, using a high resolution CCD black and white camera. It incorporates a programmable magnification changer to enable 1x, 2x, and 6x magnification, resulting in a scale resolution of 0.1µm (0.0001mm). In addition a Renishaw touch probe system has been fitted, incorporating a three port rack to enable multiple touch probes to be used. All this is controlled by the very latest Mitutoyo QVPak vision software.

With a varied portfolio of parts across a range of sectors, including Medical Device, Aerospace, Fluid Handling, Precision Valves, Electronics and Automotive, requiring precision measurement, this latest investment will assist in further raising our capabilities in this respect.