About Amies Innovation

Amies Innovation is part of The Amies Holding Group.

Amies Innovation works closely with our other part of the business W.E. Amies & Co Ltd. We set up Amies Innovation to work with the medical sector. We have a reputation as a technical trade moulder, manufacturing small technical components in a wide range of engineering polymers.

Bill Amies was the founder of the business which started in Sheffield in 1929. We have since continued trading under the name of Amies and built nearly 90 years experience in making plastic mouldings.


From design concept, to sample creation, Amies Innovation is a business that offers products to meet customer needs at competitive prices.

Our manufacturing processes consistently produces high quality components with a strict quality control processes and procedures, to ensure the safety and integrity of all our customers products.

At Amies, we have made the manufacture of precision plastic components, often for safety critical applications, our speciality.